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 Power5/Power Systems

8203-E4A Power 550

9131-52A p5-520

9133-55A p5 550 / 550Q


9119-595 p5 pSeries

9119-590 p5 pSeries

9117-570 p5 570

9116-561 p5 560Q


9113-550 p5 550 pSeries











7248-132 43P

7248-120 43P

7248-100 43P






7044-270 44P

7044-170 44P

7043-270 43P

7043-260 43P

7043-240 43P

7043-150 43P

7043-140 43P

7040-W42 p655 pSeries

7040-681 p690 pSeries

7040-671 p670 pSeries

7040-61R p690 pSeries

7040-61D p690 pSeries

7039-651 p655 pSeries

7038-6M2 p650 pSeries

7029-6E3 p615 pSeries

7029-6C3 p615 pSeries

7028-6E4 p630 pSeries

7028-6E1 p610 pSeries

7028-6C4 p630 pSeries

7028-6C1 p610 pSeries






7026-B80 p640 pSeries

7026-6M1 p666 pSeries

7026-6H1 p660 pSeries

7026-6H0 p660 pSeries






7025-6F1 p620 pSeries

7025-6F0 p620 pSeries



7017-S85 p680 pSeries




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Used IBM RS6000 & Used IBM pSeries


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  • Save 50-95%  on Used RS/6000 & Used pSeries

  • Guaranteed Eligible for IBM Maintenance - all of PCC's used RS6000 & used pSeries is guaranteed eligible for an IBM Maintenance contract and comes with a limited PCC warranty.

  • Overnight Shipment - All of Penn Computer Corporations used IBM RS/6000 & used IBM pSeries Servers, Workstations, features, memory, processors, disk, storage are available in most cases for next day delivery. 

  • Worldwide Delivery - to most countries around the world.

    Penn Computer Corporation is a global reseller specializing in used RS6000s and used pSeries from IBM.  We sell all used RS/6000 & used pSeries servers, workstations, memory, storage and parts since 1996. The Penn Computer used RS6000 & Used pSeries sales and technical staff has over 34 years of experience and expertise to consult with you on your purchase.

    Quality used RS/6000 & Used pSeries

All of our used IBM rs6000 & used IBM pSeries hardware is top quality and thoroughly tested in Penn Computer Corporation's IBM RS/6000 & IBM pSeries Technical facility to the highest standards ensuring the IBM quality you have come to know.  And best of all IT Directors working with IBM RS6000 & IBM pSeries Servers and Workstations can appreciate the huge savings compared to new IBM equipment. If you have never purchased used IBM RS/6000 or used IBM pSeries equipment in the past read the benefits of buying used & refurbished IBM RS6000 & pSeries servers, workstations and storage our customers experience.

Whether you are buying used IBM rs6000 or Used IBM pSeries servers, workstations or storage, our inventory can accommodate. We stock used IBM RS6000 & pSeries Microchannel and used IBM RS6000 & pSeries PCI Machines parts, features, memory, and up-grades. Click on the links below to see our inventory of used Microchannel and PCI Machines.

Click here for a Quote on all of your IBM rs6000 & pSeries hardware needs including servers, workstations and storage. 

Rent or Lease Used IBM RS6000 or used pSeries
Avoid technology becoming obsolete.
Rent or Lease Penn Computer’s IBM pSeries or rs6000 equipment for your data center.

Fast, Reliable Delivery of all used RS6000 & used pSeries from IBM to 200+ Countries Worldwide
We ship airfreight via UPS, DHL, and FedEx to practically every country in the world. 

Call us Toll-Free 24 Hours a Day. 215-203-1986
Any time of the day or night, don't hesitate to call. We're here to help.

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