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T1000 (T10) T2000 (T20)

T1000 (SEA) T2000 (SEB)

T5120 (SEC) T5140 (SET)

T5220 (SED) T5240 (SEU)

T5440 (SEV)

CoolThreads Memory

 Entry Level Systems

   ● Sun Blade 8000

   ● Sun Enterprise 220R

   ● Sun Enterprise 250

    Sun Enterprise 420R

   ● Sun Fire 280R (A35)

    Sun Fire B1600 (A44)

   ● Sun Fire V100 (N19)

   Sun Fire V120 (N25)

    Sun Fire V20z (A55)

    Sun Fire V210 (N31)

   ● Sun Fire V240 (N32)

   ● Sun Fire V250 (A50)

   ● Sun Fire V40z (A57)

   ● Sun Fire V440 (A42)

   ● Sun Fire V480 (A37)

   ● Sun Fire V490 (A52)

   ● Sun Fire V880 (A30)

   ● Sun Fire V880z (A47)

   Sun Fire V890

   ● Sun LX50 (CBT-S1L1)


 Midrange Systems

   ● Sun Enterprise 3500

   ● Sun Enterprise 4500

   ● Sun Enterprise 5500

    Sun Enterprise 6500

   ● Sun Fire 3800

   ● Sun Fire 4800

   ● Sun Fire 4810

   ● Sun Fire 6800

   ● Sun Fire E2900

   ● Sun Fire E4900

   ● Sun Fire E6900

   ● Sun Fire V1280 (A40)


 High End Systems

   Sun Enterprise 10000

   ● Sun Fire 12K

   ● Sun Fire 15K

   ● Sun Fire E20K

   ● Sun Fire E25K

   ● Sun M3000

   ● Sun M4000

   ● Sun M5000

   ● Sun M8000

   ● Sun M9000

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  • Save up to 90% on Used Sun Severs & Sun Fire Servers from Penn Computer Corporation.

  • Quick Delivery - Penn Computer Corporation offers Overnight and Same Day Delivery where available on Used Sun Fire Servers.

  • Guaranty & Maintenance - Penn Computer Corporation offers a full warranty on all of our Used Sun Fire  and refurbished Sun Microsystems Servers and PCC can provide onsite maintenance at your location almost anywhere in the United States.

  • Worldwide Delivery - Penn will ship our used Sun Servers / Sun Fire Servers to most countries around the world.

Penn Computer Corporation is a Philadelphia based reseller specializing in used Sun Servers / Sun Fire Servers & Workstations.  Penn Computer Corporation carries a full inventory of used Sun Servers & refurbished Sun Fire Servers including Sun servers, workstations, CPU Modules, Communication, Memory, Disk, Storage, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Graphics, SCSI, Keyboards, Mouse/Mice and Service and Maintenance Parts.  The Penn Computer Sun Microsystems sales and technical staff has over 34 years of experience and expertise to consult with you on your purchase.


Quality & Guaranty

All of our used Sure Fire Servers, refurbished Sun Servers & Sun Microsystems servers & workstations, including the Sun Enterprise, Sun Ultra, Sun Blade, Sun fire and all of our Sun Microsystems Maintenance and Service Parts are top quality and thoroughly tested to the highest standards ensuring the Sun quality you have come to know. And best of all IT Directors appreciate the huge savings compared to new Sun equipment. If you have never purchased used Sun Microsystems hardware in the past read the benefits of buying used & refurbished.


Models Refurbished & Used Sun Microsystems Server PCC offers

Penn Computer Corporation offer the full line of used Sun Microsystems,  refurbished Sun Fire and used Sun Servers & Workstations including: Sun Enterprise Servers. Sun Fire Servers, Sun Ultra Workstations, Sun Blade Workstations, Sun Ultrasparc and Sun Netra Workstations.


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