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Duration: 6 months-3 years
A smarter way to grow your business.
If you've ever rented or leased a car, you know that renting can be a smart short-term option, while leasing makes more sense over months or years. The same applies to leasing IT equipment & software leasing: it can prove an excellent strategy when your projected use time is roughly 6 months to 3 years.
An excellent business tool.
Leasing gives you all the benefits of using the IT equipment or software needed to grow your business, but without the sizable cash outlay required for outright purchase. This means you can make more of your money available for other profitable purposes.
8 powerful reasons to consider leasing.
  1. Zero or Minimal Down Payments: More cash available for other income-generating uses
  2. Tax Savings and Improved Cash Flow: Lease may be 100% deductible 
  3. Cleaner Balance Sheet: Lease items are not entered as liabilities on a balance sheet
  4. Flexible Payments: Structure your lease to match your company's seasonal cash flows 
  5. Preserve Bank Lines: Typically, lenders do not reduce credit lines when equipment is leased
  6. Avoid Technology Obsolescence: Never be stuck with old or superseded technology again
  7. Eliminate Risk of Ownership: If equipment is faulty it will be replaced free of charge
  8. Full Range of Upgrade Options: Stay ahead of the pack with the very latest technology

Flexible lease terms our offered, contact us today. 

The benefits of leasing: A Case Study.
One of our clients, a large northeastern health care company, needed a large tape library. After contacting the manufacturer of the equipment and discovering the purchase price far exceeded their budget, they came to us for a solution.

We proposed a used machine unit of the identical make and model which cost 50% less than a new model; and by putting it on a 12-month lease, we were able to spread the cost over two budget periods. Result: a satisfied client who received great equipment at an even greater price.

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