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Duration: 1 Month to 1 Year
Renting is a powerful short-term solution.
If you've ever rented a tuxedo or a car, then you've already experienced the unbeatable short-term convenience of renting. The same applies to renting IT equipment: it can prove an excellent strategy when your projected use time is fairly short, usually between 1 month and 1 year. (Leasing is usually more appropriate for longer periods.)
IT Equipment For Rent.
Our clients typically rent a wide range of high-end servers & storage equipment, including IBM RS/6000, pSeries, IBM Storage, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, HP 9000, Brocade, EMC and Compaq equipment. There is no limit on renting, if you need it we’ll rent it.
Rent to Own
At Penn Computer Corporation, we appreciate that your needs are always changing. That's why we always give you the option to switch from renting to buying. In fact, a high percentage of our customers eventually decide to purchase the servers, workstations or networking equipment they initially rent from us. Interested? Let us know. 

Consider Renting when you are:
  • Undergoing Conversions
  • Performing Beta Testing
  • Doing Application Testing
  • Making a Data Center Move
  • Performing IT Disaster Recovery
  • Experiencing Peak Activity
  • Doing Backups
The Benefits of Renting: Two Case Studies.
A division of the Federal government had an emergency which outstripped the capacity of their IBM RS/6000. We proposed renting them a much larger machine on a monthly basis until their emergency situation subsided. 

After customizing an IBM pSeries machine to handle their needs, we expedited the delivery for the next day — a Saturday — and they were up and running by that very afternoon, resulting in a remarkably quick solution and a much-relieved client.

A large national computer services company, deciding to move their computer data center from Georgia to Texas, needed it to be up and running 24/7 without any interruptions in service whatsoever — so they called us.

Our solution was to rent them an identical Sun Microsystems machine to use in the interim while their own machine was in transit to Texas. The customer installed our machine, and switched production over to it. Meanwhile, they moved their own machine to Texas, installed it, and successfully switched production back to their own machine. And all this was accomplished without so much as a single second of down time.

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