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High-End Servers

HP9000 Superdome Servers

HP9000 Superdome SX1000

HP9000 Superdome SX2000

Mid-Range Servers

HP 9000 rp7400 Servers

HP 9000 rp7405 Servers

HP 9000 rp7410 Servers

HP 9000 rp7420 Servers

HP 9000 rp7440 Servers

HP 9000 rp8400 Servers

HP 9000 rp8420 Servers

HP 9000 rp8440 Servers

Low-End Servers

HP 9000 rp2400 (A-Class)

HP 9000 rp2405 (A-Class)

HP 9000 rp2450 (A-Class)

HP 9000 rp2470 (A-Class)

HP 9000 rp3410 Server

HP 9000 rp3440 Server

HP 9000 rp4410 Server

HP 9000 rp4440 Server

HP 9000 rp5400 (L1000)

HP 9000 rp5405 (L-Class)

HP 9000 rp5430 (L1500)

HP 9000 rp5450 (L2000)

HP 9000 rp5470 (L3000)

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HP 9000 Memory

New & Used


New, Used & OEM Memory for Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Server

  • Save 50-95% on New, Used & Refurbished Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Server Memory by HP and other OEM Memory Manufacturers.

  • Overnight Delivery on used Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Server Memory.

  • Worldwide Delivery on all of our Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Memory to most countries around the world.

Penn Computer Corporation, is a Philadelphia based reseller and global supplier of new, used & OEM Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Memory.  We have been providing our customers with top quality used and refurbished HP 9000 Memory  and other IT equipment since 1996.  Penn Computer Corporation's customers here in Philadelphia and across the globe have saved thousand of dollars on our top quality new, used and refurbished Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Memory made by Hewlett Packard and other OEM manufacturers.


Used HP 9000 Memory & HP 9000 Server Memory

Whether your a small, medium or large enterprise, Penn Computer Corporation has the low cost memory for your Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Server or Workstation to fit your organizations needs. 


FACT:  When your HP 9000 server or workstation becomes slow or sluggish, there are three things to do:

1. Add Memory!

2. Add Memory!

3. Add more Memory!



All of our used Hewlett Packard HP 9000 Memory is qualified for HP Maintenance and comes with a PCC 30-Day limited warranty.  All of our new and used OEM Memory for the HP 9000 comes with a lifetime warranty.  Whether you are buying new or used, HP 9000 or OEM, PCC's HP 9000 memory inventory can accommodate your organizations needs.  We stock new & used OEM memory and used HP 9000 & used Hewlett Packard HP 9000 memory


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