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Penn Computer Corporation


Penn Computer Corporation, is now offering Computer Recycling & eCycling Services in the Philadelphia and Tri-state Area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware).


Penn Computer Corporation is a local company to the Philadelphia area and have been in business since 1996.  We have recycled computers for many of our customers and are looking forward to serving new customers who need computer recycling and computer disposal Services.


Penn Computer Corporation Recycles Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Servers, Mainframe Computer Equipment, Networking Computers & Equipment, Storage Equipment & Tape Drives.  We recycle all computer & electronic equipment


We recycle computers from all manufacturers, including IBM, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, HP, Cisco Systems, Brocade and Apple to name a few.


Pickup & Drop off - Whatever Computer Recycling and/or Electronic Recycling you have, you can either drop off the equipment at our Warminster, PA facility or we can pick up the computer recycling equipment at your location.  We can even de-install, pack and transport the equipment to our facility for Recycling.


Why recycle computer & electronic equipment?  Computer and Electronic products are made from valuable resources and materials, including metals, plastics, and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Recycling Computers and electronics conserves our natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing these materials.  Computer Recycling also keeps electronics and computer equipment out of landfills


Penn Computer Corporation will properly process and recycle all computers and materials received and properly displace and/or dispose in a environmentally Correct manner.


Penn Computer Corporation offer the following computer recycling services:

Call 215-203-1986 for more information.


Computer Recycling

Serving Philadelphia and Tri-State Area

Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware


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Philadelphia’s Penn Computer Corporation: We buy, sell, lease and rent, Dell, Sun Microsystems, HP Proliant, IBM, Brocade Communications & Cisco Systems.