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Penn Computer Corporation gives you the flexibility to rent, lease, or buy the highest quality used & refurbished servers, workstations, networking equipment and storage solutions. Choose from IBM pSeries, IBM Netfinity, IBM Shark, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Brocade Silkworm or HP900. Not sure which option or equipment will meet your needs? Keep reading. 
Penn Computer can accommodate the need of every company with a renting or leasing option for everything from software testing, evaluation and migration to data center moves. It is important for every company to maintain business continuity in a disaster so test your plan with us. Rent or Lease IT Equipment. Rely on Penn Computer to help.
Renting & Leasing Used Equipment
Penn Computer offers two options. Renting or Leasing. The advantages of leasing and renting used equipment are as diverse as each company’s situation. We find that IT Directors and small businesses choose to rent or lease used IT equipment for the following reasons: 
  • Avoid technology obsolescence
  • Flexible payments to match your budget
  • On and off balance sheet financing 
  • Preserve bank lines & working capital 
  • Zero or minimal down payment 
  • Full range of upgrade options 
  • Match equipment cost to economic life 
  • Tax benefits (may be 100% deductible) 
  • Eliminate risk of ownership 
  • Total project financing 
  • Software Testing 
  • Software Evaluation 
  • Software Migrations
  • Data Center Move or Data Center Relocation
  • Office Relocations (where organizations cannot afford any prolonged or costly down time) 
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Business Continuity
  • Tradeshows
  • Temporary Workstations for Busy Periods or Peak Sales Season
Many companies need Short-Term IT Equipment Rentals. In short-term situations, Penn Computer Corporation can supply servers, workstations and networking equipment and storage for periods as little as one month. Read More about our Short-Term Rental Program

Leasing is very similar to renting, in that the benefits flow from use of the computer equipment, not from ownership. In terms of time, the main difference between leasing and renting is that renting is short-term, whereas leasing is usually long-term. Read more about our Long-Term Leasing Program

Many clients enjoy the security and control they get from knowing the servers, workstations and networking equipment they purchase is theirs and theirs only. From a financial point of view, once the equipment is paid for, there are no additional costs.
Penn Computer Corporation offers the following inventory:

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