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Disaster Recovery-Test Your Plan
Fires, floods, earthquakes, and other catastrophes strike without warning, destroying in their path cities, buildings - and Data Centers. Disasters put at risk your vital data, servers, workstations, and networking equipment. They also jeopardize the recovery of your critical business applications and business operations.

Penn Computer Corporation’s IT Disaster Recovery services perform the vital function of getting your company up and running as fast as possible - with as little damage, business interruption, and financial loss as is possible. Test your data center IT disaster recovery plan today. Penn Computer Corporation can provide you with the equipment you need to test your IT Disaster Recovery Plan. View our Rent or Lease Terms for used equipment options or contact us direct to learn more.
Quick Ship IT Disaster Recovery Plan
Penn Computer Corporation's Quick Ship Disaster Recovery Plan will have your company up and running as quickly as possible in a cost-effective manner. Within a specified period of time after the notification of a disaster, Penn Computer will deliver Unix based workstations and servers such as IBM RS/6000 (pSeries), IBM Netfinity (xSeries), Sun Microsystems, and HP 9000, as well as storage solutions form IBM (Shark / FastT) & EMC such as Symmetrix & CLARiiON and networking equipment from Cisco Systems. Contact Penn Computer to learn more about creating an IT Disaster Recovery Plan for your business. Penn Computer can customize the plan to the specific needs of your company’s location, application or system configuration.
Project Management Program: Rebuild Your Data Center After a Disaster
Even if you have an IT disaster recovery plan and a contract with a Disaster Recovery Service Provider, are you really prepared? Disaster Recovery Service providers are only a temporary service. What will you do once the disaster recovery plan has you up and running? You will need a permanent site and equipment. Think about the following:

How will you rebuild your data center?
Who will you acquire the replacement equipment for your data center?
Who will manage and organize this task?

For as little as $499.00 per month, PCC will give the piece of mind knowing that the replacement equipment you need to rebuild you IT Department or Data Center is on its way.
Don't Hesitate.
In the event of a catastrophe call us toll free 215-203-1986. No matter where you are located in the world, Penn Computer Corporation can rush to your facility the highest quality used & refurbished servers, workstations, and networking equipment, including the following: This includes all parts, features, memory, storage, and up-grades.

Contact Penn Computer Corporation 1-866-444-7999

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