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Used IBM 7205-440 40/80GB Digital Linear Tape Drive


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Used IBM 7205-440


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Used IBM 7205-440


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The IBM 7205-440 (7205 Model 440) is a cost-effective solution for save-and-restore and archiving functions. It is an external, stand-alone, LVD Ultra2 SCSI-attached, DLT8000 tape drive that attaches to the pSeries and RS/6000 families of workstations and servers. Building on the traditional strengths of DLTtape technology, this DLT8000 tape drive provides significant advantages in performance and capacity over any others in its class. The 7205-440 (7205 Model 440) half-inch cartridge tape drive provides leadership in data storage and retrieval for the most demanding data back-up, archive, and near on-line storage applications.

  • Save 50-95%  on Used IBM 7205-440 DLT Digital Linear Tape Drives

  • Guaranteed Eligible for IBM Maintenance - all of PCC's used IBM 7205-440 DLT Digital Linear Tape Drives are guaranteed eligible for an IBM Maintenance contract and comes with a limited PCC warranty.

  • Quick Delivery All of Penn Computer Corporations used IBM 7205-440 DLT Digital Linear Tape Drives are available for Quick Delivery. 

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