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Used IBM 7206-001  IBM External 4mm Tape Drive


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Used IBM 7206-001 4mm Tape Drive


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Used IBM 7206-001 4mm Tape Drive


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  • Guaranteed Eligible for IBM Maintenance - all of PCC's Used IBM 7206-001 4mm Tape Drives are guaranteed eligible for an IBM Maintenance contract and comes with a limited PCC warranty.

  • Top Quality Used IBM 7206-001 4mm Tape Drive.  All of our Used IBM 7206-001 4mm Tape Drive are thoroughly tested in our technical center to ensure top quality.

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  • World Wide Delivery - Penn Computer Corporation can ship Used IBM 7206-001 4mm Tape Drive to most places around the world.

Product Information

The 7206 Model 001 offers 2.0 GB native data capacity and up to 4 GB of data per cartridge when using data compression and a data transfer rate of 183 Kbytes per second (native) up to 366 Kbytes/sec when using data compression. The 7206 Model 001 is a stand-alone 4mm tape drive that operates in streaming mode and attaches to the IBM RS/6000 via a standard SCSI cable. 

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